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Jurgen Ewert vacuum_tubes at gmx.com
Tue Nov 29 21:13:57 CST 2011

Hello all ETFers,

 I'm sorry that I missed this year's festival.
 It has been the event I was looking forward to every year.
 This year was a year of changes for me. Got a new job at Sylvania, yes the tube maker, which isn't making tubes anymore.
 Moved to Massachusetts part time and like it here.
 If we would have more vacation time I would have made it to the ETF but the U.S. isn't there yet ;-)

 Wishing everyone a great year,
 will see you all at the ETF2012,


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 Dear ETF participants, The music is over, now there is darkness until November next year. Many thanks for all French team members who were in duty of all of the organisation. You did a great job. It was such a kind and relaxed atmosphere, and so many things to learn and listen to, the Western Electric 15 speaker, the new Schroeder tonearm, the stacked Quad ESL57 ... I love it and promise to come next year. regards, Hartmut _______________________________________________ Triodefest-l mailing list Triodefest-l at soundlist.org http://www.triodefestival.net http://mailman.soundlist.org/mailman/listinfo/triodefest-l

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