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peter sikking guigurus at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 21 04:43:54 CST 2011

hey guys,

I am relaying a question from jc morrison:

i have a couple of questions. i plan to do a workshop on pentodes and Gm amplifiers. i would ideally like to have a working example with me and some basic test equipment. oscope, multimeter and a power supply with 6.3 volts and +250 - also adustable maybe. i have all that and can whip up a test fixture before i leave, but carrying an oscope on the plane is a bit crazy...? is there someone there who has a scope that can do X/Y that i might be able to borrow? it would save me some trouble.

I am pretty sure

- oscope (that can do X/Y)
- multimeter
- power supply with 6.3 volts and +250 (also adustable maybe)

are going to be there.

but being sure is better. no need to ask for the multimeter,
but can anyone who brings a scope and/or PS like that reply with
a short confirmation?

thanks a lot and see you on thursday,


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