[ETF] noisy digital X-over

Eelco Grimm eelco at fairytapes.nl
Fri Mar 4 04:56:21 CST 2005

> I can hear  a significant amount ( -20dB guess) of noise when the 
> machine
> has no inputs connected. But it should be 'quiet' (-50 or 60dB at 
> least)
> even if analog inputs are used.

Try this test with shorted input.

Also: I assume the Behringer only has balanced inputs. When using these 
in unbalanced mode (or sometimes even floating mode), distortion and/or 
noise can increase dramatically. This depends on the structure of the 
input circuitry before the AD chip. Another balanced - unbalanced 
problem can be found on the output. Depending on the architecture, you 
would be better of using pen 2 and 1 only or short pen 3 to pen 1.

I guess experimentation is the best way to find out for your situation.

Eelco Grimm

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