[ETF] noisy digital X-over

Sound Image hifi at ishoejby.dk
Sun Feb 27 09:12:33 CST 2005

Hi Thomas,

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your Behringer. The problem is, 
that you mix pro gear with typical hifi-gear. These have diffent levels 
and the Behringer has full gain to fit into some kind of pro mixer. The 
level is much higher that you need (and so is the noise, because of the 
gain), so you have to ad som attenuation - either in the cable or a 
volumecontrol at the amp input. Only this way it is possible to 
"domesticate" and use with normal hifi equipment.

BTW - I've been using the 2496 for clos to 2 years with no problems at 
all - as long as you know about the level-matching and fix it.


Thomas Schick wrote:

>recently I bought a Behringer 2496 crossover. I am using it with the analog
>inputs at the moment.
>They are super noisy. What is the normal noise level? If there is no signal
>there should be no difference between mute on or off.
>I can hear  a significant amount ( -20dB guess) of noise when the machine
>has no inputs connected. But it should be 'quiet' (-50 or 60dB at least)
>even if analog inputs are used. It's not from the power amps. It is
>reasonably quiet if the X-over is out or muted.
>This is not supposed to be so, correct?
>Thomas Schick
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