[ETF] Penalty duty, was: Jensen JT-346 group order

Michael Ulbrich mul at rentapacs.de
Sun Feb 6 15:33:24 CST 2005

Hartmut.Quaschik at t-online.de wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> first, the 346 AX has been replaced by JT-346-ATX with dual
> secondaries.
> then, there is penalty duty on nearly most stuff coming from the USA:
> because of the trade war between USA and EU, where the USA does
> illegal subventions to their local steel industrie, the European
> countries
> have established a penalty duty in mid 2004. Most goods coming from
> USA are subject, only music CDs, vinyl and some other goods are
> not affected.
> The penalty duty was 15% in January, and increases each month for
> 1%, until the USA eventually stops their illegal behaviour.
> So, if you are importing hifi from USA, you have to pay normal import
> duties (app. 5% for hifi), then above mentioned penalty duty 
> (16% for February), and at the end 16% VAT.
> best regards,
> Hartmut

Hi Hartmut, all,

thanks for your info about the penalty duty.

Well, I did not know about that trade war between EU and US. If this 
penalty duty is actually charged (16% in February 05 and 17% in March - 
it will not be further increased after March according to the EU 
directive) it does IMHO not make too much sense to order the Jensen 
trannies from the States now.

Probably Daniel will report after receiving his Fostex, whether he was 
charged any additional duties.

In the meantime I got a reasonable offer from a list member for a pair 
of 346 AX, and i decided to order the pair from him.

If anybody wants to take over organizing the group order, now or later, 
I will supply the email addresses of those who have shown interest so 
far (5 pairs, but some still unconfirmed).

... and BTW Bennie's price seems not so bad.

Regards from Berlin ... Michael

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