[ETF] Penalty duty, was: Jensen JT-346 group order

Hartmut.Quaschik at t-online.de Hartmut.Quaschik at t-online.de
Thu Feb 3 03:27:58 CST 2005

Hello Michael,

first, the 346 AX has been replaced by JT-346-ATX with dual

then, there is penalty duty on nearly most stuff coming from the USA:
because of the trade war between USA and EU, where the USA does
illegal subventions to their local steel industrie, the European
have established a penalty duty in mid 2004. Most goods coming from
USA are subject, only music CDs, vinyl and some other goods are
not affected.
The penalty duty was 15% in January, and increases each month for
1%, until the USA eventually stops their illegal behaviour.
So, if you are importing hifi from USA, you have to pay normal import
duties (app. 5% for hifi), then above mentioned penalty duty 
(16% for February), and at the end 16% VAT.

best regards,

Michael Ulbrich schrieb:
> This type of MC trannie was recommended by Bernhard
> Kistner and judging 
> from the specs seems to be of very high quality (... and
> Christian will, 
> as he wrote, provide one of these for the forthcoming
> ETF05 phonostage  shootout as well ... ;-)

> Of course shipping cost and import VAT have to be added
> to the final 
> price, but figuring in the current EUR/USD exchange
> ratio, there might 
> be some savings.

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