[ETF] !! ETF.03 open for booking !!

Christian Rintelen christian@rintelen.ch
Tue, 03 Jun 2003 13:23:24 +0200


i'm not too happy with the december date. but the venue first promised 
me that we'd have the entire village exclusively for us on the november 
date. then they admitted that they accepted another group on the same 
date -- a 30-or-so-person choir that will practice. not exactely what we 
need when listening to amps that amplify the growing of the grass.... so 
i was faced with the decision of either postponing the event to 
santa-claus-day (yes, in europe, it's december 6) or sharing the venue 
with some god-and-law-abiding singers...

re food: in my earlier mail i mentioned "full board" -- yes, food IS 
included. we have breakfast, lunch and supper plus an afternoon coffee 
with cakes and fruits. yes, vegetarian meals are available, please let 
wolfgang know when you book.

re deer: i don't know. hunting season should be open by then.... 
wolfgang is the shooter among us, although mostly with loooong telephoto 
lenses... ;-)

re beer: it's a BYOB-festival as always (bring your own beer). but i'm 
sure the germerman beer will not mind that it has to travel less...

re sun: i've *explicitely* asked for four sunny days, but so far the 
confirmation has not yet arrived. i'll keep you posted ;-)

re shopping: you certainly could do some shopping on thursday, friday or 
saturday. shops are usually closed on sundays. langenargen is not 
exactely a big shopping town, but friedrichshafen, lindau, st. gallen 
(switzerland) or stuttgart are not that far away.

re map: 
(if that long link fails, go http://www.mappoint.msn.com, select 
"germany" and type in "langenargen" as target)

re harley: nope, i'll rent a van and bring my blue thunders and some 
other stuff that was too heavy to drag to århus.

re swimming: of course you can go swimming (naked or dressed, as you 
please) in the lake of constance -- if you feel like cryoing your 
genitals ;-)

re friends: bring them!!! (that's an order, dammit! ;-) )

re electricity: langenargen is in germermany ie they have eu current 
(and currency). 230 vac, "schuko" mains plugs. if in doubt, ask 
wolfgang... but i believe the mains plugs are the same as in denmark.

re fights: nope, i was not in geneva last night. i was home listening to 
some decent music. trashing the shopwindows of yamaha dealerships is not 
my favourite hobby....

hope that helps for the moment.

and yes, please, dear friends: spread the gospel about the ETF.03. get 
as many people to come!!

cu there, ©

Kurt Steffensen wrote:

>First of all, I would like to thank these two good friends of mine ( us )
>for their
>excellent job so far. I am not really happy with the dates of the festival,
>but that is perhaps a minor detail.
>Second I might as well ask at the behalf of all..
>What about food ?
>Is it within the fee ?
>Is it possible to have vegetarian food ?
>Is it possible to share a good deer with Wolfgang and Christian ?
>Will the sun be shining ?
>Will Wolfgangs beer be readily drinkable , due to shorter transportation ?
>IS it posible to go shopping ?
>Do you have a map to show the spot ?
>Will you be driving your Harley, Christian ?
>Can I bring a friend or two ?
>How long is breakfeast ?
>Can I go swimming ?
>Can I go naked ? ( Swimming, that is ? )
>Whom will supply the main sockets and plugs ?
>( 230 VAC )
>What were you doing last night, with all the fights, Christian.. ?
>( I think I spottet you on TV, throwing a big stone at a Yamaha motorbike
>shopwindow )
>I may have further questions later....
>- :-)
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