[ETF] !! ETF.03 open for booking !!

Kurt Steffensen kurt@pappagallo.dk
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 12:05:51 +0200

First of all, I would like to thank these two good friends of mine ( us )
for their
excellent job so far. I am not really happy with the dates of the festival,
but that is perhaps a minor detail.

Second I might as well ask at the behalf of all..
What about food ?
Is it within the fee ?
Is it possible to have vegetarian food ?
Is it possible to share a good deer with Wolfgang and Christian ?

Will the sun be shining ?

Will Wolfgangs beer be readily drinkable , due to shorter transportation ?

IS it posible to go shopping ?

Do you have a map to show the spot ?

Will you be driving your Harley, Christian ?

Can I bring a friend or two ?

How long is breakfeast ?

Can I go swimming ?
Can I go naked ? ( Swimming, that is ? )

Whom will supply the main sockets and plugs ?
( 230 VAC )

What were you doing last night, with all the fights, Christian.. ?
( I think I spottet you on TV, throwing a big stone at a Yamaha motorbike
shopwindow )


I may have further questions later....

- :-)