[ETF] !! ETF.03 open for booking !!

Wolfgang Braun Wolfgang Braun" <wb70223@t-online.de
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 11:47:33 +0200

Hello to all,

please give me some days and i can tell you all the details how to pay etc.

I'll let you know

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everything is clear.

at last.

first of all, we had to postpone the event by one week because the location
could not book us exclusively. a choir would have been there at the same
time practicing - not exactely what we quiet folks need to hear the grass
grow thru our amps...

so the European Triode Festival ETF.03 takes place from

*thursday december 4 thru sunday december 7 2003*

thursday will be the arrival day, sunday the departure day. friday and
saturday will be the official festival days with workshops/lectures by...

...manfred huber and guido tent (on triode heating methods)...
...pieter treurniet/tribute (on transformer core materials)...
...thomas mayer (on phono stages)...
...reto luigi andreoli (on phono cartridges)...
...a special overseas guest of honor on his very own topic...
...allen wright/vsei with a format comparison...
...kurt steffensen on triodes...
...wolfgang braun on fullrange speakers...
...and others to be announced.

plus we will have a real (!!) band playing for us on saturday night and we
will have a meeting to determine the venue/organization of ETF.04

the venue will be the feriendorf langenargen
<http://www.feriendorf-langenargen.gmxhome.de/index2.htm> between lindau and
friedrichshafen (home of the zeppelins!) on the german side of lake
constance ("bodensee" on german maps...). langenargen can be reached by
road, by railroad tracks (lindau or friedrichshafen), by air (stuttgart,
munich or zurich airports) or by sea (ferry from konstanz).

how much for the fun?? we have decided to make the calculation fully
transparent. based on 50 participants, it looks like this:

3 x full board in twin bed room with shower        euro 105.--
share for rent of group rooms (max euro 675)*      "     13.50
share for guest of honor*                          "     20.-
reserve*                                           "     41.50

total                                              "    180.--

(add 30.00 euro for accomodation in single bed room with shower)

this is *conservatively calculated*. as you see, the organizers (wolfgang
braun and yours truly) make *no money* on this. you will be credited at the
end of the festival in case we do not use the full amount of the three cost
groups marked with an asteriks (which is very likely going to be the case).
should we on the contrary have less than 50 participants and need more money
than the reserve covers, all participants will have to pay for the
difference. no pain, no gain.... ;-) unlike other years, there i
s no reduction if you do not stay the full four festival days. also your
significant others (which are very welcome!) and your kids older than six
years will pay the same price.


booking is open. send an e.mail to wolfgang braun
(mailto:wb@braunbaustoffe.de) who will kindly handle all the rest and accept

that's it.

!! see you @ ETF.03 !!

christian rintelen aka