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Hans Hedal hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk
Sat Feb 27 09:40:43 CST 2021

> It is an all too time consuming task to compare the linearity of 
> (bipolar) germanium and silicon transistors as a whole by comparing 
> their characteristics.
> But the best and most convincing explanation for the difference 
> between germanium and silicon transistor nonlinearity I have found by 
> reading this discussion thread:
> https://www.electronicspoint.com/forums/threads/silicon-vs-germanium.100872/
> Hans

Of course somebody has already done the job of comparing the average 
characteristics and (non)linearity of bipolar germanium and silicon 
transistors and triodes:

John Linsley Hood: "Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers" 1997, p. 119


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