[JN] whether you can solder like a pro, or not

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Lovely process!

That machine must be pricey.

But it still says in the description of the video "white painted meter 

Regardless, in the last century, the meter faces were painted/coated.
If you look at the coating outside the glass of the meter, it has a very 
special "look".
It's flat but seems to have a very fine "grain".

What I need to do is to take existing meters, flip the meter face over, 
paint white
and then put the scale on. Likely I can manage to do the scale by one or 
more means.
One method is a slide water release decal. And that may not look right 
because of
the shiny nature of the decal.

My backup plan is to print on some acid free paper and bang, glue it to 
the meter
face, then cut it out from the backside... that's been done before.

But I'm still curious about that white paint...


On 1/30/2019 9:47 PM, martin wrote:
> I would guess that manufacturers do not paint them.  They get 
> colorbond sheet metal and stamp the dials out.  Then print them.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrLPLyPlCN0
> >Still need to paint meter faces, and zero online bonafide information.
> Must be a closely held trade secret?
>                                     _-_-bear
> martin

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