[JN] Wet Tantalums

Grego Sanguinetti grego at sandesco.com
Tue Jan 15 21:05:17 CST 2019

I would agree with Christian on this. Just use a film cap.

On 1/15/2019 4:02 AM, Christian Rintelen via Sound wrote:
> i know frank blöhbaum as a guy that doesn’t cut corners. if there was 
> a better alternative to the lytics or a suitable bypass, he’d have 
> used it, period (so much for improving his design… ;-)
> i’ve used wet slugs as a cathode bypass in a SE amp and found out 
> three things: first, they have higher distorion (measurable) than 
> conventional lytics. second, they’re microphonic as hell. and third, 
> they make one hell of a mess when they explode because of wrong 
> polarity… as for bypassing a bypass, i’d rather use a film type.
> my 2 cents, ©
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> christian rintelen
>> Am 15.01.2019 um 12:09 schrieb Tim Grindell via Sound 
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>> My Frank Blohbaum UCL11 MTA amplifier has 47,000uF 10V electrolytics 
>> bypassing the LM317 cathode constant current source.
>> I had heard good things about wet tantalums so I'v thought about 
>> using them to bypass the big electrolytic.
>> However there seems to be quite an assortment of different "types" of 
>> wet tantalums.
>> Does anyone have experience with them who could make a recommendation?
>> I don't really want to just "experiment" as they aren't cheap.
>> best
>> tim
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