[JN] Eliptrac 400 horn kit

Rick Francis tubino at sbcglobal.net
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 Me, with passion:  Those are absolutely beautiful, jc.  Have you written up a description anywhere?  My big questions are:
Is the design for the ribbon horn published somewhere?  I'd like to tackle that.
What are the other drivers?What crossover did you use?
Those look so right to me.
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  Dunno about the other stuff, may or may not be "good". 
 But the SA drivers do far better with some mods as compared to how they are supplied stock, imo. 
 Also the SA "horn" attachment is rather not good. I'd build my own... which is another of the 1,001
 projects waiting in a holding pattern...
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 I'm planning to do some comparisons this summer with some compression driver and horn combos vs. the Stage Accompany ribbon drivers.? I'm currently using Yuichi wood horns with TAD TD4001, as well as JBL 2441 with soon-to-be-installed TruExtant beryllium diaphragms. Also have a pair of Altec 299s with GPA diaphragms currently on short horns.
I'm intrigued with the Eliptrac 400 horn kit ($340/pair shipped in US) and the B&C DCM50 drivers with 5" paper-composite diaphragm claiming performance down to 400hz (but only good to 10khz) vs. say Radian 850PB, 500hz -20khz.? I'd be interested in any experience with these.? I'm pretty sure I'll get the Eliptrac kit to try with drivers I've already got, as the size looks like it will work in a cab with the Radian drivers for a pretty great two-way in a ~6 cu. ft box.? 
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