[JN] Audio website WTF?

bear bear at bearlabsusa.com
Wed Jan 2 19:23:04 CST 2019


Sorry then.
Also sorry about the health problems.
Don't think I've read a post from you, so I wasn't sure what was going on.

I still don't quite follow what you are saying... what "website" are you 
referring to?


On 1/2/2019 7:53 PM, dansr at timebranding.com wrote:
> No, the list is not being hacked.  I did that post. My son Dan Jr 
> builds deluxe websites and built this one for me, and has been trying 
> to get me to do a production tube amp, but it looks as though I will 
> never get around to it - too many health problems to deal with.  It is 
> a very nice website and there is no point in letting it go to waste, 
> so he thought someone on the soundlist might be peddling tube amps (or 
> considering doing so) and, if so, this website could greatly boost 
> your sales.  He has a knack for getting websites on the first page of 
> Google (including this one).
> eg: A plastic injection molding company in Van Nuys CA had an older 
> website and was on page sixteen of a Google search for plastic 
> injection molding companies (there are MANY in the Los Angeles area).  
> Dan built him a modern website and had him on page one of a Google 
> search, about 3rd from the top in a few weeks and he is getting all 
> kinds of business from the new website. So, if anyone is serious about 
> selling tube amps you need an excellent website, probably more than 
> you think.
> Dan
> On 2019-01-02 15:24, bear via Sound wrote:
>> WTF is this??
>> Are we hacked?
>>                      _-_-
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>>> If anyone in the group is thinking about starting a legitimate tube
>>> amplifier/component business, or has already done so (or knows
>>> someone
>>> who is) - specifically with Made in USA components please contact me
>>> and
>>> I will put you in contact with my son.
>>> Over a year ago I started an endeavor with my son for the same, but
>>> we
>>> will not be pursuing this business model.  However, we have a
>>> website
>>> and branding effort for this cause with page one dominance on Google
>>> for
>>> the MOST relevant and desirable search phrases.
>>> Phrases like Google prompted: tube amps made in usa  - - we are on
>>> page
>>> one and have been for many months - currently ranked at number 2 on
>>> the
>>> day of this posting.  We are out ranking Decware, Raven and all the
>>> other well known American tube amp manufactures.
>>> Because my son is an entrepreneurial SEO guru and because I am easy
>>> going and like to help people, we are open to various arrangements
>>> with
>>> the right entrepreneurs who are serious about entering this market
>>> and
>>> making a profitable business of it.
>>> Please contact me directly via this group to get the ball rolling.
>>> Happy New Year and let?s all raise the bar this year for audio
>>> standards.
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