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Bjørn Aaholm bjorn at aaholm-bjorndal.com
Thu Aug 11 01:07:20 CDT 2016

Hi all,

As some of you have noticed, the site at <http://www.triodefestival.net> has been unavailable for some weeks now.

Attempts have ben made to get the domain reactivated, but so far without luck. Apparently the last time ownership changed hands something wasn't done quite right and the original owner was still listed, but the registrar (domain administration/sales) is not responding. This could all very well be settled at some point, but for now I have chosen to set up a new site.

Not everything is there yet, but most of what was on the old site about this year's event is there. That's the most important for now.

Check it out at <http://triodefestival.eu/>

Those of you who are registered for ETF2016 can expect an email later this week, which will also mention the new site along with some other information.

Best regards,

Bjørn Aaholm

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