[ETF] Munich High End anyone?

Bjørn Aaholm bjorn at aaholm-bjorndal.com
Fri Apr 12 06:05:16 CDT 2013

I'm looking into the possibility of going to the Munich High End fair
next month. I would love to experience the WE/Silbatone setup stomp on
all the glossy stuff, and hang out with Joe and the crew.

I have never gone to the fair before. Does it make sense to be there all
3 days? Is saturday evening the peak? Will I meet any of you there if I

I'm trying to get the logistics to work and also fit in a reasonable
budget, which also sets certain limits to when I can arrive and depart.
I found a list of hotels on

but haven't checked if any still have rooms vacant.

If someone has a good tip about an affordable hotel not too far from the
fair I would certainly welcome that too :-)

Best regards,

Bjørn Aaholm
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