[ETF] ETF 2011

Bjørn Aaholm bjorn at aaholm-bjorndal.com
Thu Dec 1 08:37:05 CST 2011

Thank's to everyone for a great ETF. It was so good to be back after missing
out on 2009 and 2010.

I made it back home safely (thanks for the ride Karsten) and my heavyweight
1W-amp also survived the final 3 hours by train which involved 2 train
changes and carrying it up and down several stair cases... Ouch. I'm
listening to it right now on headphones and am glad to say that I just now
managed to kill the slight hum by a small revision of grounding and earth
connection. Now the BO tubes don't pick up any hum and noise when I move my
hand around them, which must be a good sign ;-) I will post some
measurements of their real life performance, driving the 10Y in my amp. They
are quite impressive for an antique tube with no getter = less than perfect
vacuum. It can't be too bad though, they rated them for 7000h service life
in the late 20'ies.

I know you can't drive a triode with a high impedance, but I'm a fucking
looser so I do it anyway :-D

I admit to using the BO's because I had them in the box and they look
fantastic. But - they sound very nice, and measure good too. I guess the 10Y
isn't the hardest thing to drive.

Meanwhile, Christofs EGN-konzept also created quite a bit of a stir in my
mind. I will see where a driver like that takes my otherwise stranded
4304CB-project. I think it might just be the ticket!

ETF2011 was an inspirational boost as always, and I really hope to come to
Berlin next year. It's so close I can't see myself not going :-)

Merci beaucoup!

Bjørn Aaholm

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