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Mon Nov 30 14:16:29 CST 2009

Thanks to our Danish friends, i have finally been able to get an idea of what the "Plage" looks like in Stella Plage ;-).
Even with better wheather, it would have been a hard choice deciding to take a walk there, as I fully agree it was a great festival.


This year we had Champagne to commemorate the "10Y", so it was certainly an even more special event than the last times. The only quibble i have is that i would have preferred the famous french Saucisson as my breakfast salami over Champagne, but given this was the "10Y" ETF (nice shirt, even my wife likes it), and given the close location to Reims and other towns famous for a miniature bubbles, that is surely the decision to make.


And that brings me to the next point: this festival was a bargain, if there ever was one, as everything was so well-done at very reasonable price. The efficiency of this event was second to none and still we all not only had real champagne but also drove home with a sought-after vintage tube and anniversary shirt. It must have been quite a headache to make all this possible, so more than one toast is in order to all of the French Team who did organize a fantastc ETF.09


Thanks, and even more thanks for your offer to do it again in 2010 !!!

Hope to CU all


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