[ETF] ***** ETF06 LAST DETAILS! *****

Emile Sprenger emilesprenger at euronet.nl
Wed Nov 29 09:06:39 CST 2006

Ok, everything is ready for ETF06.
There are just a couple of details that need to be mentioned.
At the Beukenhof there is a bar where you can get beer (several kinds!), soft drinks, fruit juice, etc. As in previous ETF's, there will be a list where you can mark you consumption(s). At the end of ETF06 we'll add it all up, and you can pay.
Now, because we have to handle the drinkpayments ourselves, payment is CASH only, and it would be VERY helpful if you bring SMALL bills (ie €5, €10, €20 and €50) and €0,50 coins, so we don't have to change a €200 bill for €15,50 of drinks (to make our life a bit easier, all prices are multiples of €0,50).
Another item that needs mentioning is that YOU will have to bring extention cords, etc. for power. We have a couple, but these will be used for the demonstrations, lectures, etc. See the ETF site for more details about the 220V plugs.
Ok, nothing left to do but to wish everyone safe travel to Biezenmortel and CU TOMORROW!!!
Emile & Guido
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