[ETF] Triodefest-l Digest, Vol 18, Issue 2

Thomas Schick mail at thomas-schick.com
Fri Oct 21 06:30:36 CDT 2005

Hi Bjorn,
try www.audiotester.de. A software as accurate as your chosen sound card.
3D Waterfall diagrams included. 28Euro
Some guys including Mr. Linkwitz used a(modified) Panaonic WM60, or so, 
microphone capsule as test mike for speker measurements.


>Hello all.
>I know the topic of PC based measurement systems have been discussed here many
>times, but I never really had much of a need for such a system. Well, now I
>want one...
>At first I only need it to measure speakers (and I need a decent microphone for
>that as well), but I would much prefer a system that will also measure
>electronics (Freq. resp, THD, spectrum etc.) I think I've seen systems that
>will do both.
>Any pointers? Max. budget is ?1000 for the whole package (sound card,
>measurement software, microphone - everything except the PC itself). But
>considerably cheaper will of course be preferred. I think the french gang at
>ETF used some shareware program that was pretty capable, right? I'd like to
>know more about that one...
>Thank you all,

plasma pictures
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