[ETF] noisy crossover

Thomas Schick mail at thomas-schick.com
Sun Mar 6 04:57:53 CST 2005


I tested the Behringer DCX2496 in a 'sterile' environment (symetrical studio
of the School of Audio Engineers) now, with appropirate levels at the in-
and output.
It is not only noise, but there is a 'buzzing' (noisy distortion with hum
components) in the sound. Probably bad OPs or sloppy power supply.

My unit is definetly at the lowest possible point of their quality control,
I will have it exchanged. Other units are virtually noise free.
Apart fom the noise I had the feeling that it added more to the table than
it took. Especially 'designing' a frequency network with a few mouse clicks
is impressive, fast and convinient.
For those interested in the machine give it a listen in the local musician
shop and get the very unit you have listened through, to avoid getting a bad
specs unit.

Thomas Schick

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