[ETF] etf.04 sold out

dominique mafrand dom.mafrand at noos.fr
Thu Oct 28 02:00:35 CDT 2004

Good morning all ETFers,

Great news to know about the coming of Jean at the festival. As another
cherry on top of the cake may i add that BRIAN SOWTER himself, from Sowter
UK Ltd, will join the party ?

I wonder whether we'll talk about... transformers this year ???

CU soon,
Dominique Mafrand, F

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> hi all.
> this is just to let you know that booking for etf.04 is closed. we're
> fully booked with 80 participants...
> you might be interested to know that joe rasmussen is not the only guy
> coming from far away. i have today received the confirmation that mr.
> masaho uchida (sun audio) will participate with three other fellow
> triode lovers from japan. they are accompanied at ETF.04 by a french guy
> who will serve as their translator and who himself knows quite a bit
> about triodes and stuff. his name is...
> (now how about that? great, huh?!?)
> as for the schedule of the festival: as usual, thursday is arrival day.
> departure is on sunday.
> in order to prepare a more concrete schedule, please speak up if you
> want to hold a lecture or a workshop - i have posted a tentative
> schedule on <http://triodefestival.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=25>. please
> reply there if you want to share your knowledge or your insight with the
> rest of the crowd.
> i also ask you to let me know what kind of gear you will be bringing to
> the festival. i need to know this to make a plan of the rooms and how
> they will be equipped. please use the gear list on
> <http://triodefestival.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=23> for this purpose!
> (speaking about rooms: the organizers of ETF.04 have decided that each
> of the "official" rooms (in the main building) will house *at least two*
> systems this year. and that the two systems shall have equal playing
> time. in addition to this, we will open some of the "living rooms" in
> the bungalows. these rooms are ideal for small systems that don't need
> much space.
> thanks and cu in december!!
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