[ETF] I come from a sunburnt country... and bringing some cryoed tubes.

Bjørn Aaholm bjorn at vinyl.and.triodes.net
Mon Oct 25 08:16:01 CDT 2004

> I could bring some cryoed Sovtek EL34s and do a comparison in a tube power
> amp
> that somebody else might bring? Any other suggestions? I will try if
> possible 
> to accommodate.

Greetings Joe!

Amazing that you take the travel once more... My hat off for that! :-)

I will bring an Art Audio Quintet (P-P EL34) so if there's nothing better that
one could be used. (The amp actually belongs to Jim de Kort, but has been on
loan at my place since ATF2001, hehe).

If things go as planned my latest speaker design will be playing this year...
They sound much like those I brought to Århus, only better and with a lot more

CU soon,

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