[ETF] I come from a sunburnt country... and bringing some cryoed tubes.

Joe Rasmussen joeras at vacuumstate.com
Mon Oct 25 07:30:08 CDT 2004

Hi Guys

Just sent Wolfgang my precious Euros and looking forward to ETF 2004.

Will you please hold off the cold winter weather until afterward. You did
a fantastic job last year. We recently had 38.2C in October here in Sydney.
was a record, but it does get up around 30C at times, even before summer

I'm still the Long Distance Travelling Champion of ETF! Hail the Champion!

I have in mind to do a demonstration of cryogenetically treated tubes. My
little Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier (JLTi) uses two just tubes and it's
to replace and compare when you only have to change two 6DJ8/6922 types. Oh
it does make a difference in in this hybrid, I think enough for listeners to

tell without too much effort.

The current Sovtek 6922 sounds VERY inferior to 6DJ8 Amperex Bugle Boys (I
some) and the other Amperex/Mullard variations (have some too). When the
Boys are cryoed they are amazing.

But the good news is that the Sovtek cryoed is also amazing, better than any

NOS tubes available (non-cryoed) and are able to compete with cryoed Bugle
whereas when both were NON-cryoed, the Bugle Boys HAD a huge advantage.

Has anyone else here had any experience re cryoed valves? I thing they are 
astonishing! Can't listen to non-cryoed tubes now, no way going back.

I could bring some cryoed Sovtek EL34s and do a comparison in a tube power
that somebody else might bring? Any other suggestions? I will try if
to accommodate.

Joe Rasmussen

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