[ETF] how to organize a triode festival...

jroberts at io.com jroberts at io.com
Fri Mar 19 11:51:01 CST 2004

>i even invited joe roberts to arhus on my own expense
>(wolfgang braun jumped in with half of the cost - thanks!!) so that >some
people would be attracted to come to arhus just to meet THE one >and only
joe roberts. (no big success, but joe had a good time. so what ;-) )

Yo Christian,

I thought you said we went to the Jutland Cannabis Tasting and Free Sex

Sheee-it, no wonder there as so much audio equipment there!

Enjoyed it nonetheless and hope to make it next year. Saw many names in
the latest reports that I know well, but alas, only as names.

The thing about meeting fellow y'all freaks is I feel like I already know
you, and in some sense, I do!

Again, Thanks to Wolfgang and Christian, and everybody....even manged to
get an SP issue I didn't have in original form BACK from Mr. Braun, my
very first overseas customer! Scored big!


"Be forewarned, any time I am invited anywhere, it comes at _some_ expense
to the source of the invitation" ;-)

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