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Fri Mar 19 11:36:54 CST 2004

> left without paying their beverages
Hi Christian,
I used to work, sigh, and during the eighties we enjoyed lots of big going  
away parties for software people who found other dreadful jobs as code slaves.  
Almost every week :)
I often was among the last to leave, and, despite everyone, 70 to 90  people, 
paying into the kitty and leaving generous tips, somehow we were  always 
short. Being well lubed at that point, we always managed to make up the  shortfall 
and add a fat tip.
Either have hosted bar, prepaid, or a cash bar. Anything else  just causes 
bad feelings.
Hangovers come free, under any plan ;)
I imagine the problem persisted after 1990, but, that's when I quit  drinking 
and hence was no longer among the last to leave. I would rather prepay  for 
one share of drinks I don't drink than have someone else pay for some  greater 
share that they did not drink. As if I will ever show up, but, you never  know 
about these things, until too late ;)
Pioneers get arrows, so do stragglers ;)
Individuals are noble and charming, mobs are all snarling, cheap brutes.  
Sigh. Good thing there is music, huh?
Happy Ears!
PS Phoenix is cheap in the summer ... just don't go outside, 120F is very,  
very warm ...
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