[ETF] ETF in 05 / 06 / 07 ...........

Kurt Steffensen kurt at pappagallo.dk
Fri Mar 19 10:17:32 CST 2004

> Hello all
> Nobody is thinking about our southern friends, we have missing at the last
> event.

Oh yes. Thats why we moved in that far down South. It did not trigger the
Italians, Spanish etc.
enough to come, so this is probably not the way to do it in the future.
However, I  think that next year we may meet some of our Italian friends.
I dont think there is any Spanish Joes, at least not that I think ?

> How about the beautiful countryside of Toscana with win (not only beer)
> excellent food ?

Ha. True...

> PS: Why not in Switzerland, you can open here a bank account for your next
> secret project !

I would LOVE to have a secret Swizz acount.
I would not mind doing it in SCh. But I think that Germany and Holland are
more natural
choices, with the amount of people from these parts in mind....?

I would enjoy to spend a few days in Zürich as well.

Christian had the choice of choosing Swizz, but I guess he reasoned to dump

Anyway, as far as I am concerned, we WERE in Swizz last year ??

"I can see you house from here"

- Kurt Viking

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