[ETF] report in Stereophile

Kurt Steffensen kurt at pappagallo.dk
Fri Mar 19 08:08:06 CST 2004

> Unfortunately there is no event like ETF in France !

No, I was aware of that. I was rather thinking of similar events, such as
both commercial and club meetings etc. ?
I know that in the past, 1970's -1980's, a lot of  enthusiast activity was
going on in the
French. But maybe that has died out, as in so many other places in the

>I am sure the french
> guys who were in Langenargen would be very happy to organize ETF in 2005
> 2006 ??? We could talk about this possibility right here.

I think it is a good idea.
We can let it spin for a while, and see how it lands.

> What do you ETF folks think about the idea ? Talking to french also... We
> would have to find a nice location not far from Germany, Belgium, Denmark
> and Switzerland ( i am thinking in the north of Alsace or somewhere close
> to )

Sounds jolly fine to me..

This year it will be in Langenagen Switzerland, right Christian ?

I think that we will there decide about 2005.. Holland or France,
It is good to have these two alternatives.
If we go for Holland, then perhaps the year after, we can try to see how it
turns out in France.

It does need a few guys to organize the thing.

Then back in Denmark. By that time I think we have been going through so
much common  European logistic,
that  we will know the scedule for places two years in front
Or maybe even have a good picture of an ongoing turnus.

This year we will settle for Dec month, but in the future, I belive we
should consider seriously to move it
to another period of the year. Spring or fall will be good in the middle and
Southern parts of Europe..
Maybe less so in Denmark ?

Summer may be allright in Denmark, but it may conflict with vacations and
zillion cars on te road.

Winter should in my opinion be avoided at any costs in the future.

Food for thoughts.

- Kurt


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