[ETF] report in Stereophile

Kurt Steffensen kurt at pappagallo.dk
Fri Mar 19 07:34:06 CST 2004

> hey, that's NOT munich. it's in germermany, ok, but VERY close to
> switzerland ;-)) and one of the organizers definitely IS swiss....

Allright, allright. Switzerland then.
Didn't I tell you that it WAS Switzerland when we were down there ??

> is that YOU posing in your undies next to that dynaudio speaker?

No, no, it is one of my mistress....

> well
> then... danish dynamite... ;-) they say the upped the sensitivity to a
> whopping 89 db/w/m - phewww...

Ah, I think you gort it wrong, Christian.
It is not the speaker that is more sensitive. It is the girl.
The Dyna are as dead, as they use to be.

What they mean is that it takes Danish dynamit, in order to accellerate the

Makes much more sense in this perspective, right ?

- Kurt wanting to be next month center fold in Stereotool.

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