[ETF] report in Stereophile

dominique mafrand dom.mafrand at noos.fr
Thu Mar 18 12:11:02 CST 2004

Hi all,

> This year, Münich again. Next year, with a little luck Holland.
> THen back to Denmark.
> >From then on it could be a turnus.
> Den, Ger, NL
> Would not be bad to have it in French, neither, but I dont know if that is
> indeed possible or even interesting. There might be lots of such similar
> events in French allready ??

Unfortunately there is no event like ETF in France ! I am sure the french
guys who were in Langenargen would be very happy to organize ETF in 2005 or
2006 ??? We could talk about this possibility right here.

What do you ETF folks think about the idea ? Talking to french also... We
would have to find a nice location not far from Germany, Belgium, Denmark
and Switzerland ( i am thinking in the north of Alsace or somewhere close
to ), which won't be too far from an international airport in order to
easily welcome our american and australian friends :-)

Debate is open.

Best regards,

Dominique Mafrand

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