[ETF] report in Stereophile

dominique mafrand dom.mafrand at noos.fr
Thu Mar 18 01:39:58 CST 2004

Hi all,

> The ETF report I wrote for Stereophile has (finally) appeared: in the
> issue, under Industry Update, page 23/25. Industry Update is not published
> on Stereophile's website, just the topics, so if you want to read the full
> report you'll have to buy or borrow the magazine.

Great news ! I just wanted to tell that i inserted a small text and pictures
of ETF03 in the february issue of the french audio magazine "Prestige Audio
Video", in the very first "Infos" pages. Next year i will probably write a
couple of pages about that wonderful event, you can count on me ;-)

Best regards,

Dominique Mafrand

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