[ETF] L-R Phono preamp

SBench at aol.com SBench at aol.com
Sat Jul 31 20:24:36 CDT 2004

Hi folks,
There has been some activity recently on Joenet regarding LR phono preamps.
As some of you know, Benny Glass has Lundahl parts that can be used to
duplicate the Tango EQ-600. These are 45/180mH and 450mH/1.8H parts
(depending on whether you series or parallel the windings.) The Tango uses
1.8H and 45mH parts, but it is an LCR design.

I've been listening to an experimental phono preamp I developed a couple
months ago. This one is LR only. There are no capacitors in the signal
path at all. It is compensated for effects of plate resistance change due
to aging and part variation.

Relatively high "Dunker Factor" coming in at 23 pounds mass. (18 pounds for
the preamp, 5 additional pounds for the power supply). The supply is
designed to operate in US 120/60 environment or European 230/50Hz

It uses the 450mH/1.8H Lundahl parts.

Article is on my website
go to preamp section
It is listed as ***NEW***

Best Regards,

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