[ETF] Berlin Fest

Thomas Schick mail@thomas-schick.com
Fri, 2 May 2003 14:04:49 +0200

thank you for your responses to my first Berlin Fest mail.
Yesterday I published my new audio webpages
They can introduce me better.

The idea of a Berlin Fest was not born in competition to the November event.
The Berlin Fest is supposed to be a spontaneous meeting on a private basis,
when there are 5 participants my home would be the location. In order to
give the event a unique character I am looking for old industrial buildings,
that are in the city. They have the ambience, but not the acoustics. There
are plenty of locations like this in Berlin, finding one with room acoustics
and golden tube area ambience is the goal. If this first meeting helps to
find some reliable people here in Berlin as a backup, I can imagine to
organize the 2004 big event.

How many participants and visitors were there at the ATF in 2002?
Also I would like to advertise the November event on my page. What would be
latest info and who gives the OK for that?

However I don't see a weakening point of two tube DIY meetings with a half a
year time and  800km in beetween them. It rather raises the interest. Maybe
I missed s.th. but I am not aware of tube club meetings in Germany. Compared
to Japan where several meeting like this are held every month, as published
in the two (thick) monthly Audio DIY magazines, we Europeans live in the
Audio Sahara.

In Japan I took a lot of pictures of several events like this. There is also
a film about one of the meetings. This material will be on display. This as
an explanation to the part Kurt Steffensen asked about.

Good listenings
Thomas Schick