[ETF] Berlin Triode Fest (again)

Christian Rintelen christian@rintelen.ch
Tue, 29 Apr 2003 16:21:17 +0200


just in case you haven't noticed it: the European Triode Festival is not 
a competition but the successor of kurt steffensen's Århus Triode 
Festival. during last years ATF (no, NOT alcohol tobacco firearms!!) it 
was decided to turn "his" festival into a truly european event that will 
(hopefully!!) be hosted by other volunteers. wolfgang braun and i will 
organize the ETF '03 but we're already now looking for people 
volunteering for the ETF '04... ;-)


Thomas Schick wrote:

> Hi all,
> Apart from the 'European Triode Festival' in November,
>  I fancy the idea of a triode fest in Berlin in early summer. Time 
> would be
> best on an extended weekend.
> Apart from the gathering and listening to the equipment, visits or maybe
> tours to original Siemens and Telefunken sites can be arranged.
> Also the 'Museum für Technik' has a great tube assortment and is worth a
> visit.
> It is supposed to be a forum for Audio Enthusiasts where they can present
> their DIY or NOS equipment on an open and fun basis.
> Everyone with a solid state amp will be awarded the 'daredevil audio 
> award'
> My collection would be there as well, including  a setup with Siemens
> Eurodyn Cinema speakers, sweet!
> I wonder if we can setup s.th like this here in Berlin just like they did
> with the Aarhus Triode Festival, some active people in the NL did, or like
> the NY Noise Show and countless Japanese gatherings.
> There will be an small exhibition on the Japanese audio scene as well,
> because I had the luck to live in Japan and meet plenty of fellow
> audiomaniacs. A series of photos and books and even a film about the 
> Nippon
> scene is ready for display.
> We serve Sushi and Sauerkraut.
> 'hoping plentiful response will be the case'
> Thomas