[JN] Chick Corea returns to forever

Hans Hedal hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk
Mon Feb 22 08:39:08 CST 2021

  Grego Sanguinetti wrote:

> Oh man, I didn't know Chick had died as well. How sad that so many of 
> the people that shaped my music have died.
> The first time I saw him play was with Miles. That was an amazing band.
> The second time was when I was at Berklee, in Boston. He played around 
> the corner at the Jazz Workshop.
> The last recordings I had heard, before the Workshop gig, was the ARC 
> recording with Holland, Braxton, and Altchtul.
> I was expecting to hear something on that line.
> There was no stage there, just a spot where the tables end and the 
> musicians start.
> I got there early so I had a table right in front. Joe Ferrel came in 
> and asked me if he could use my table for his horn stands.
> Then Stanley comes in and sets up right in front of me. The last time 
> I had heard him was with Joe Henderson's group.
> Then Chick, Flora, and Airto set up. I had seen Airto with the same 
> Miles band with Chick and Holland.
> They start up playing 500miles High. Oh my, this music was not what I 
> expected.
> But wow! I came back and saw them all 4 nights.
> What an amazing band with an amazing sound.
> Very different from the later fusion band, although I liked that a lot 
> as well, but the first band moved me more. I think mainly because I 
> was already a Brazilian music fan. I grew up listening to Gilberto and 
> Jobin.

I saw Chick Corea three times in the 70's.
The two first was with the very impressively vital and equilibristic 
Return To Forever fusion band.
The third was a (boring) duo piano concert with Herbie Hancock.
The first (acoustic) RTF band moved me more as well.
I think mainly because it experimented artistically with a continuation 
of Latin American music and wasn't in any hurry .
The second (electric) RTF progrock-funk-fusion band soon developed into 
commercial series production of records.
And the musicians turned out to be a kind pop stars with a restless 
tendency to technical show off.
Then I lost interest.


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