[JN] Chick Corea returns to forever

Grego Sanguinetti grego at sandesco.com
Mon Feb 22 03:18:37 CST 2021

Oh man, I didn't know Chick had died as well. How sad that so many of 
the people that shaped my music have died.

The first time I saw him play was with Miles. That was an amazing band.
The second time was when I was at Berklee, in Boston. He played around 
the corner at the Jazz Workshop.
The last recordings I had heard, before the Workshop gig, was the ARC 
recording with Holland, Braxton, and Altchtul.
I was expecting to hear something on that line.
There was no stage there, just a spot where the tables end and the 
musicians start.
I got there early so I had a table right in front. Joe Ferrel came in 
and asked me if he could use my table for his horn stands.
Then Stanley comes in and sets up right in front of me. The last time I 
had heard him was with Joe Henderson's group.
Then Chick, Flora, and Airto set up. I had seen Airto with the same 
Miles band with Chick and Holland.
They start up playing 500miles High. Oh my, this music was not what I 
But wow! I came back and saw them all 4 nights.
What an amazing band with an amazing sound.

Very different from the later fusion band, although I liked that a lot 
as well, but the first band moved me more. I think mainly because I was 
already a Brazilian music fan. I grew up listening to Gilberto and Jobin.

On 2/19/2021 9:08 AM, BBands via Sound wrote:
> An obituary for Chick Corea from Ann Wroe, The Economist's great 
> obituary writer.
> https://www.economist.com/obituary/2021/02/18/chick-corea-died-on-february-9th 
> <https://www.economist.com/obituary/2021/02/18/chick-corea-died-on-february-9th>

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