[JN] Rupert Neve RIP

bear bear at bearlabsusa.com
Tue Feb 16 18:14:55 CST 2021

So, ok.
This I will buy.

In essence tape saturation, but "in the board".

I never paid any attention to the transformers - but then I did not 
spend much time on studio
boards of any sort. Probably a good thing. The music environment was to 
me, quite toxic
at that time. By 1980 a complete divorce from the NYC music carnival 

Now I need to get my hands on a few vintage Neve line transformers to 
see what they
actually do...

...make note /people like the sound of hysteresis.

                            _-_-/bear - who remains surprised that 
anything ever gets done

On 2/16/2021 5:29 PM, Christian Rintelen wrote:
> Neve had very good mic preamps and the EQ was also excellent. and 
> honestly, i am convinced that RN — with his intimate knowledge of 
> transformers — knew exactely what he did when he specified the 
> transformers so that they would start to saturate at -10 dBV.

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