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There are many, one I designed and know offers great sound quality is the
ifi zen blue, though I prefer you do not put money into ifi's pockets.
Similar devices also exist.


Firmware update with Sony LDAC is out, you can choose between SPDIF out and
analogue via the "budget" ES9023 DAC, which sounds jolly decent.

Alternatively, if you subscribe to spotify (no go without paid
subscription)  AND have a computer (Raspberry Pies and Bones for your
Beagle etc. do count) connected to your big system and your network,
install the spotify on the computer and use your tablet as remote control
of this spotify instance.

Finally, a range of affordable "streamers" exist that include the spotify

So pick your poison.


On Sun, 7 Feb 2021 at 09:34, Richard Nevill via Sound <sound at soundlist.org>

> My wife and I have been enjoying Spotify a lot. I know it isn't great fi
> but it is fun to root around on.
> We use it on the deck (weather permitting)via a porrtable bluetooth
> speaker, through the upstairs
> TV/stereo, etc.
> So now I'm wondering if there is a way to input the bluetooth into the big
> stereo downstairs?
> There must be some sort of gizmo that takes the bluetooth from our Samsug
> tablet and converts it
> to an RCA out that I can connect to my preamp.
> We're not looking for a fancy (read expensive) streamer or anything like
> that, just something ready made and cheap
> to do the job.
> Suggestions, experiences,all would be welcome.
> Cheers
> Richard Nevill
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