[JN] Bluetooth, somehow

Richard Nevill r.nevill at eastlink.ca
Sat Feb 6 19:34:04 CST 2021

My wife and I have been enjoying Spotify a lot. I know it isn't great fi but it is fun to root around on.
We use it on the deck (weather permitting)via a porrtable bluetooth speaker, through the upstairs 

TV/stereo, etc.
So now I'm wondering if there is a way to input the bluetooth into the big stereo downstairs?
There must be some sort of gizmo that takes the bluetooth from our Samsug tablet and converts it
to an RCA out that I can connect to my preamp.
We're not looking for a fancy (read expensive) streamer or anything like that, just something ready made and cheap
to do the job.
Suggestions, experiences,all would be welcome.

Richard Nevill
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