[JN] Fwd: "the hole nnine yards... a recent history.....

Spence Barton ence-ack at riousa.com
Fri Feb 5 21:24:00 CST 2021

The book I read was more like 1958 than 1985. The book was 
focused on his breaking the sound barrier and his WWII 
flying. His famous later exploits hadn't even happened yet.

I suspect the book didn't sell well. The air force was so 
secretive about breaking the sound barrier that they didn't 
ever announce it until much later and didn't IRC mention him 
by name. So no one new who he was in the late 50s. 
Therefore, I suspect not many sales.


On 2/5/2021 5:23 PM, Richard Nevill via Sound wrote:
> I had a look through my 1985 Yeager biography but I didn't 
> see anything in it.

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