[JN] magik ???

Hans Hedal hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk
Thu Feb 4 17:38:08 CST 2021

After some close scrutiny and zooming in I suppose that

  * your winding spool is placed inside the white polyurethane foam tube
  * the "slider" mechanism is the eyelet in the metal clamp on the
    rotating hoop. Through which the nearly invisible copper wire is


Den 04-02-2021 kl. 16:40 skrev Hans Hedal via Sound:
> In the web DIY toroid winding machine above the winding spool loaded 
> with copper wire is placed inside along the rotating hoop.
>   * Where is your winding spool placed in your machine?
>   * Which one of the objects on your photo below do you call the
>     "slider"  mechanism"?
> Hans
> Den 04-02-2021 kl. 09:16 skrev Hanski via Sound:
>> Here’s a pic of the “slider" in my machine.
>> The sliding mechanism is the key function in a toroid winder.
>> It takes care of the different single turn wire length between the 
>> toroid core and the winding spool that is loaded with copper wire.
>> -Hanski
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