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the ones in youtube for the most smallest toroids don’t have a separate “slider” mechanism.
The copper wire slips off from the rotating hoop each winding turn just the correct amount.
The wire slips out between the pulling O-ring belt and the rotating hoop slot. So it relies on the correct friction between them.


> On 4. Feb 2021, at 13.44, Hans Hedal via Sound <sound at soundlist.org> wrote:
> Is it possible to make a mini version of the described type of winding machine?
> I.e. rotating a spool of copper wire through a tiny ring core.
> YES - the spinning hoop that travels through the center of the toroidal core has become the spool of copper wire:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVMRHwWSWDQ <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVMRHwWSWDQ>
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJfw8LRc8ws <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJfw8LRc8ws>
> Hans
> Den 03-02-2021 kl. 16:42 skrev Hans Hedal via Sound:
>> Den 03-02-2021 kl. 01:13 skrev Christian Rintelen via Sound:
>>> so cool!!
>>> (just in case you’re tired of counting turns: here’s a DIY toroid winder with arduino control <https://electricdiylab.com/diy-arduiuno-based-toroid-coil-winding-machine/ <https://electricdiylab.com/diy-arduiuno-based-toroid-coil-winding-machine/>>
>>> ©
>>> _ _ _
>>> aka christian rintelen
>> It is hard to imagine a mini version of this winding machine rotating a spool of copper wire through a tiny ring core.
>> For instance I am using a pair of small potted toroidal 1:1 line level isolation transformers in my stereo to mono mixer:
>> <stereotomono.jpg>
>> They are small in size 21mm x 32mm x 32m  < https://www.lehle-components.com/media/pdf/25/f6/9f/LEHLE-TRANSFORMER-MZ-Datasheet.pdf > <https://www.lehle-components.com/media/pdf/25/f6/9f/LEHLE-TRANSFORMER-MZ-Datasheet.pdf>
>> Perhaps even smaller toroids are made.
>> Could it really be possible to scale down the described type of winding machines to make such small toroid transformers?
>> Hans
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