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Alan Marcy tubegardenia at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 10:15:49 CST 2021

Hey Joses!

We casually pretend there is two channels of reality because we have two

There is only only one universe. A millipede probably thinks it is at an
exotic circus because it has so many tootsies caressing everything.

Brains come in pieces and we in daily use pretend they are whole and
complete. It is just a small joke the space/time/boredom plays with/on us.

Keyboards are crude monsters, but my personal script is like some
pretentious MD ;)


On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 9:43 AM Hans Hedal via Sound <sound at soundlist.org>

> Den 03-02-2021 kl. 01:13 skrev Christian Rintelen via Sound:
> so cool!!
> (just in case you’re tired of counting turns: here’s a DIY toroid winder
> with arduino control <
> https://electricdiylab.com/diy-arduiuno-based-toroid-coil-winding-machine/
> >
> ©
> _ _ _
> aka christian rintelen
> It is hard to imagine a mini version of this winding machine rotating a
> spool of copper wire through a tiny ring core.
> For instance I am using a pair of small potted toroidal 1:1 line level
> isolation transformers in my stereo to mono mixer:
> They are small in size 21mm x 32mm x 32m  <
> https://www.lehle-components.com/media/pdf/25/f6/9f/LEHLE-TRANSFORMER-MZ-Datasheet.pdf
> >
> <https://www.lehle-components.com/media/pdf/25/f6/9f/LEHLE-TRANSFORMER-MZ-Datasheet.pdf>
> Perhaps even smaller toroids are made.
> Could it really be possible to scale down the described type of winding
> machines to make such small toroid transformers?
> Hans
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