[JN] magik ???

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i would say the gramer transformer which joseph levy rescued from some
industrial equipment and identified its opportunity as a mc step up trans,
sound really good.

i don't know anything about phonos as i don't even own a turntable but i
got some from mr levy, built it up years later and friends who tried it
raved about it.

can't find any info on the gramers but i guess it's just a standard piece
of iron from the 50s (or 60s?) but managed to trounce (or at least equal)
many a modern sut here today.

where is the magic coming from?


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> > The only missing info is the maximum impedance it can be driven from.
> There is a big difference between the measured response from a 50Ω 600Ω and
> 10kΩ step-up.
> there is !
> an often made mistake is to place the 75 or whatever ohms matching
> resistor in front of the SPDIF output transformer rather than at its’ output
> Yes, bandwidth counts in “digital” transmission, not only at the high side
> of the spectrum.
> G
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> > dave
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