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Only FO-No StepPup?

Thought you had built an entire preamp from the iron.

I've yet to hear a single SUT that I could stand to listen to/through/with.
Not that it is impossible...

The resonance noted, at what frequency (approx?)?


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On 2/1/2021 2:15 PM, Christian Rintelen wrote:
> ok, without checking in the huge SUT grave aka grab box … these come 
> to my mind
> JT-346 AX
> JT-34K
> Tribute 1:10 nano
> Tribute 1:20 nano
> Silvercore 1:10
> Silvercore 1:5
> Silvercore 1:5 for 400 ohm Zin
> Sowter 9570
> Sowter 9990
> Sowter 1090
> Lundahl LL 1931
> Lundahl LL 1933
> Lundahl LL 1963
> LL 7903 (for HO MC)
> Haufe T-890
> measuring and listening are two pairs of shoes… the tributes measure 
> excellent, very little ringing, well behaved — but i keep removing 
> them from my system after a couple of days. not my sound.
> the sowters are excellent value for the money, nothing exotic, often 
> too restrained. depending on model, measurements show multiple 
> resonances, but the zobel values supplied by sowter are a good 
> starting point.
> the lundahls allow a direct comparison between mu-metal and amorphous 
> core. both measure ok and mostly have one resonance peak that can be 
> tamed with a zobel. one of the transformers where the zobel really 
> does change the sound. the 1933 (mu-metal) and the 1931 (amorphous) 
> are pretty much the same transformer with different cores. sonically, 
> i prefer the 1933; the 1931 shows this super-detailed sound that may 
> sound okay on a «normal» hifi system, but with horns, it gets too 
> nervous. the 1963 is optimized for solid state phono stages. for high 
> output MCs that need a little boost or galvanic isolation, the LL 7903 
> does surprisingly well in 1:2 or 1:4
> the haufe is okay, sounds good with DL-103 or EMTs.
> the silvercores with the big amorphous cores and pure silver wire are 
> stupidly expensive, huuuuuge, show frightening resonances on the bench 
> — but sound open, «musical» and offer the right amount of details. 
> kraus wound me a 1:5 for 400 ohm Zin — which works great with 
> soundsmith’s LO MI carts.
> where the transformers differ, is also in susceptibility to hum. the 
> JT-346 is triple shielded; so far i couldn’t make it hum. the tributes 
> are not too sensitive but can hum. the sowters will hum, but can be 
> tamed. the silvercores don’t hum either although they have only one 
> shield.
> my go-to SUTs are the JT-346 AX (which btw is optimized for 6k8 load; 
> if connected to a normal phono stage with 47k input, it will sound 
> shitty!) and the Silvercore 1:10. the JT-346 offers spectacular value 
> for money in terms of disappearance. you can’t hear it, it’s 
> transparent, doesn’t hum, has well tamed peaks (with the zobel 
> suggested by jensen) … the proverbial wire with gain. the silvercore 
> has similar traits, but is a bit more dramatic. never exaggerating, 
> but sort of like a 1970’s Neve console, it makes everything sound 
> bigger, better, more colorful. (just w/o the Neve’s coloration).
> in my experience, some SUTs benefit from zobels, some not. defining 
> the zobel is not so easy because it has to fit to the cartridge and 
> the DCR of the arm wiring. both components of the zobel, the resistor 
> and the cap, are audible. chose wisely…
> IMO people often place the SUT too far away from the phono stage. 
> which is not the way to go — the secondary output of a SUT is a high Z 
> output, and the interconnection to the phono input should be kept as 
> short as possible. the cable between SUT out and phono in has to be 
> low capacitance and low inductance or else it will roll off.
> fwiw,

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