[JN] magik ??

Alan Marcy tubegardenia at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 13:27:47 CST 2021

Hear, here, hear?

Yesterday our son turned 50.

I am therefore pretty near deaf. What?

I am currently listening to an orchestra playing a pleasant tune. I can do
the real trick, which is ignore all the technology and hear the Music.

They changed the tune. I like *this*, too.

Not recorded in the same hall, with the same hardware, but, I* like* it,

It almost seems like Music is on a different plane than our systems, or
lack there of.

Doesn't seem fair, but, I think it is true.

We like Music. The rest is just chit-chat for the morons who can't imagine

I know they are out there, but, can't say I give a rat's ass.

wtf, o?

Alan Jeffrey Marcy


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> as for the use of super exotic materials ? i?ve built amps using nothing but amorphous and nanocrystalline transformers from input to output and LCLCL supply filtering (only the mains transformer was conventional steel). the result was unlistenable. just incoherent details. exotic materials are fine for one core, but not for all. i have at least 20 different SUT of all kinds. of my two favorites, one uses a normal nickel core, the other an amorphous.
> Whoa!  Tell us more?
> What was the topology?
> Did we do any testing? Got pix of the results?
> Very curious.
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