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Mon Feb 1 10:12:37 CST 2021

I'll take a shot: A passive version of something like Bob Carver's sonic
holography concept?


On Mon, Feb 1, 2021 at 6:14 AM Marc Wauters via Sound <sound at soundlist.org>

> https://sophiaelectric.com/products/pages-tube-preamp-magik-box
> Anyone want to take a stab on just what is in those cans. If it really
> does anything I have to ask just why transformer would do it. I'd generally
> be rather skeptical that noiseless gain of 6 dB at line level can do much
> of anything to improve sound. Their claims are quite ambitious. They even
> claim it improves (or have in the past) the sound from MM cartridges when
> placed between it and the phono input. Seems the impedances there might be
> an issue.
> Thing is that similar claims and reports were given on the Expressive
> Technology SUT 1 ( I think that was the model name) moving coil step up,
> that improved the sound beyond any other step up available, but of course
> in that position it's hard to compare.
> Tell me this is just something like a Jensen J11 wired as an autoformer
> for 6 dB gain and I'll go buy a bunch!!!
> Regards
> Marc
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