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heaps of marketing BS … and comparing apples with oranges. designing and winding a 1:37 SUT for microvolt signals is something else than a 1:1, 1:2 or 2:1 transformer for line level.

the BS claims about harshness etc often come from using transformers (input or interstage) with undamped secondaries. depending on the transformer design, the amplitude and frequency range of the inherent ringing can be high enough to overdrive the next stage and cause clipping. this IS audible…

as for the use of super exotic materials … i’ve built amps using nothing but amorphous and nanocrystalline transformers from input to output and LCLCL supply filtering (only the mains transformer was conventional steel). the result was unlistenable. just incoherent details. exotic materials are fine for one core, but not for all. i have at least 20 different SUT of all kinds. of my two favorites, one uses a normal nickel core, the other an amorphous. 

oh, and for 6 dB gain with MM: sowter’s 1990 <http://www.sowter.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.pl?WD=moving&PN=E_A_Sowter_Ltd_PHONO_CARTRIDGE_TRANSFORMERS_30.html#a292> does exactely that. i use it with an ortofon SPU mono (HO MC), and i like it. 


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> Am 01.02.2021 um 15:14 schrieb Marc Wauters via Sound <sound at soundlist.org>:
> https://sophiaelectric.com/products/pages-tube-preamp-magik-box <https://sophiaelectric.com/products/pages-tube-preamp-magik-box>
> Anyone want to take a stab on just what is in those cans. If it really does anything I have to ask just why transformer would do it. I'd generally be rather skeptical that noiseless gain of 6 dB at line level can do much of anything to improve sound. Their claims are quite ambitious. They even claim it improves (or have in the past) the sound from MM cartridges when placed between it and the phono input. Seems the impedances there might be an issue.
> Thing is that similar claims and reports were given on the Expressive Technology SUT 1 ( I think that was the model name) moving coil step up, that improved the sound beyond any other step up available, but of course in that position it's hard to compare.
> Tell me this is just something like a Jensen J11 wired as an autoformer for 6 dB gain and I'll go buy a bunch!!!
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