[JN] magik ???

Marc Wauters mswauters at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 08:14:09 CST 2021


Anyone want to take a stab on just what is in those cans. If it really does
anything I have to ask just why transformer would do it. I'd generally be
rather skeptical that noiseless gain of 6 dB at line level can do much of
anything to improve sound. Their claims are quite ambitious. They even
claim it improves (or have in the past) the sound from MM cartridges when
placed between it and the phono input. Seems the impedances there might be
an issue.

Thing is that similar claims and reports were given on the Expressive
Technology SUT 1 ( I think that was the model name) moving coil step up,
that improved the sound beyond any other step up available, but of course
in that position it's hard to compare.

Tell me this is just something like a Jensen J11 wired as an autoformer for
6 dB gain and I'll go buy a bunch!!!


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