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Hans Hedal hans.hedal at post.cybercity.dk
Tue Jun 11 09:47:17 CDT 2019

Steven S. wrote:

> this guy ... talks about contrained layer damping later in the video.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=EEh01PX-q9I

Sony originally had a (now expired) patent on "Constrained layer damped 
loudspeaker enclosure".


"The front baffle board comprises an interior substrate, an exterior 
substrate, and a constrained layer damping material sandwiched between 
and bonded to the two substrates. The constrained layer damping material 
comprises an energy absorbing thermoplastic alloy having a very high 
material loss factor. The other walls of the enclosure also comprise an 
interior substrate and an exterior substrate with a constrained layer 
damping material sandwiched therebetween."

[I believe "TECH INGREDIENTS" have read this patent (or similar) before 
making the video.]

The patent text (which could supplement the video) gives a description 
of the problems, and how they were solved practically:


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